As a general construction contractor, Haus Construction offers insulation services on the South Shore of Montreal as well as in Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, Boucherville, Brossard, Saint-Lambert, La Prairie, Candiac, Chateauguay, and Montreal. Our contractors are able to insulate all the rooms of your house with expertise and obtain more comfortable spaces and improve energy performance.


For any insulation or soundproofing need, our experience in home insulation and our construction project planning approach will ensure that the various operations will run smoothly to achieve your project's objectives.


Whether you choose cellulose fiber for thermal insulation of a roof or acoustic insulation of a ceiling or urethane for a durable and effective thermal barrier.


Haus Construction is an expert installer in insulation, and guarantees the application and ensures you a meticulous work of exceptional quality.


For your insulation needs on the South Shore, call on Haus Construction.

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